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Golf - Curling

ACT - UCT   Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Golf  -  Curling:

We actively promote different events in golfing and curling in Medicine Hat to raise funds for our different projects.

We would love to have you join our organization and/or participate in some of these events.



"Red Shirt Available"

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Provincial Sports Rotation:

2011 - Curling in Red Deer - Golfing in Medicine Hat

2012 - Curling in Edmonton - Golfing in Edmonton, South

2013 - Curling in Calgary North - Golfing in Cranbrook, B.C.

2014 - Curling in Edmonton South - Golfing in St. Albert

2015 - Curling in Medicine Hat - Golfing in Sherwood Park

2016 - Curling in Grande Prairie - Golfing in Calgary

2017 - Curling in Sherwood Park (Feb 18-19) - Golfing in Grande Prairie (June)

2018 - Curling in Cranbrook, B.C. - Golfing in Medicine Hat (June)


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